La Manga del Mar Menor, Cartagena, SPAIN
June 27-30, 2005

Keynote 1

Future Directions in Telecommunications Research

Behzad Nadji
Vice President, AT&T Labs Research
Vice President, AT&T Network, OSS & ITS Architecture
AT&T Chief Architect



In this talk, we will present current and future directions in Telecommunications Research at AT&T. Then, we will focus on three major areas of research including Speech and Video Data Mining, Network Management, and Software Techniques. We will show how research in speech technologies, networks and network management, security, fraud management, and data mining are already impacting the computer and communications industry. Finally, we explore the resulting challenges and research opportunities for academia and industry.

Short Bio

Dr. Behzad Nadji is the Vice President of AT&T Labs Research and the Vice President in charge of Operations Support Systems, ITS, and AT&T Network Architecture. As the head of AT&T Labs Research, Behzad is responsible for applied and core research for technologies essential for AT&T's network infrastructure and services strategies. Research projects are primarily in the areas of speech technologies, networks and network management, security, fraud management, information systems, data mining, software and grid computing research.

As AT&T Chief Architect, Behzad's responsibilities span across AT&T network (voice and data), Operations Support Systems and Software (OSS), and internal AT&T ITS Architectures.

Before joining AT&T, Behzad served as the President of Micro Computer Trends, in Los Angeles, for five years. While at AT&T, Behzad has spent most of his career in development, engineering, and architecture of various OSS and software and network systems. He is the senior member of IEEE and he serves on the advisory board of IBM Autonomic computing, HP technical Advisory board, University of Southern California School of Engineering and Bay Packets Inc technical advisory board. He also serves on the TeleManagement Forum (TMF), and Millenigence Board of Directors. In addition, Behzad is on the AT&T Foundation Board of Trustees. He is the recipient of AT&T's prestigious "Science and Technology Medal", as well as over 20 other awards in the area of business innovation, architecture, and software development excellence.

Behzad graduated with highest honors from the USC (University of Southern California). He received his M.S.EE Degree in Electrical Engineering and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science from USC.

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